A New Start, A New Hope for Monk Fruit Extract in 2021

Monk Fruit Extract

Since October, 2019, along with a sharp decline in the output for monk fruits in China, a crisis that the price for monk fruit extract rocketed up emerged. Statistically, total output for monk fruits only reached 60,000MT in China. As a result, procurement cost for monk fruits increased up to CNY14,000/MT in 2019. 

A dynamic increase in the price for monk fruit extract has made negative effect on the global prevalence of the natural, no-calorie, fruit-derived, and great-tasting sweetener, making monk fruit extract have a much higher cost than both sugar and artificial sweeteners. Coupled with economic downturn resulting from the outbreak of coronavirus, a significant increase occurred in modifying formulations by replacing monk fruit extract with sugar or artificial sweetener from 2019. In such case, good news is that 2020 definitely is a fruitful year for monk fruits.

It is estimated that over 110,000MT monk fruits could be harvested from September to the early of December, 2020,nearly 100% increase than 2019. Correspondingly, purchasing cost for monk fruits will decline to CNY8,000/MT to CNY9,000/MT in the new harvest season. A massive increase in demand for monk fruit extract is expected to be resumed soon. The whole healthy industry will re-embrace monk fruit extract to replace sugar in sweetened food and beverage. 

SanLengBio devotes to using top-class agricultural systems into which ecologically friendly farming and planting technology are widely applied throughout the supply chain. Firstly SanLengBio provides local farmers with Non-GMO seedling which is not vulnerable to damages caused by drought, heavy rain and insects at cost. Moreover the seedling offered by SanLengBio enables monk fruits to have a high yield and good quality, guaranteeing that output for monk fruits per MU is over 1MT and average content of mogroside-V is more than 0.4%. Secondly SanLengBio incorporates organic standard and GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) in monk fruit planting. Monk fruits are planted in a pollution-free environment where only organic pesticides and organic fertilizers are used. Organic fertilizers which SanLengBio uses are exclusively made from fermented waste residues from monk fruit extract production. All SanLengBio’s planting areas of monk fruits are the one with fresh air, purified water, no soil pollution. As a result, over 550 residual pesticides in the monk fruit extract manufactured by SanLengBio is not detected, complying with the EU Regulation 396/2005/EC and its published amendments concerning the maximum residue levels of pesticides in or on food. 

SanLengBio has a great reputation among local farmers planting monk fruits, always put the interest of local farmers first, commits to strengthening their motivation and confidence in planting more monk fruits,that effectively drive healthy and sustainable development of the whole monk fruit industry.
The most advanced agricultural technology and good credit standing allow SanLengBio to have multiple monk fruit harvest in 2020, and maintain adequate and sustainable supply of monk fruit extract. Compared with 5,000MT monk fruits harvested in 2019, this year over 10,000MT monk fruits will be harvested by SanLengBio on schedule. Meanwhile, an innovative and compelling OEM model exclusively created by SanLengBio will further minimize the application cost for food industry using monk fruit extract, over 30% reduction based on the original application cost will be achieved. SanLengBio will emerge on the international stage as a game changer in the monk fruit extract industry in 2021.

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