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SanLengBio  is located in Guilin ,    the landscape of the world .    Since 1993 ,  SanLengBio
has been committed to research,   development,   production,   and promotion of natural botanicals extract, intermediates, APIs, and high purity active ingredients. In 2019,    NATCO joint venture was set up in the United States to further expand international business.  

 SanLengBio has two GMP manufacturing bases,   Lingchuan manufacturing base with 13,000 ㎡ covering area and over 5,000 tons annual raw material processing capability. Another is Suqiao manufacturing base built in 2016 and operated in 2017 with 17,000 ㎡ building area and more than 30,000 tons annual raw material processing capability. Equipped with independent R&D center undertaking comprehensive test items, there is a full set of state-of-the-art high-efficiency and energy-saving facilities in the manufacturing bases.
With organized quality assurance system,   the products are safe,   efficacy and consistent. SanLengBio has already  been certified with Kosher,   Halal ,China SC, HACCP, ISO22000, BRC, and US FSMA.

We are committing to providing natural, safe and effective products and services to protect human health worldwide.   Finding a trustworthy source for natural ingredients,   R&D and production? SanLengBio is the best answer. 

Research & Development

SanLengBio’s founder Mr.Mao, who graduated from CAU (China Agricultural University) and majored in plant nutrition science, got experienced R&D staff together and created independent R&D center. With technical accumulation for years, cooperating with leading domestic scientific research institutions like Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Laboratory Center, SanLengBio has already owned a professional and powerful R&D team.
So far SanLengBio has mastered a serious of core techniques including APIs selection, natural ingredients extraction and purification , as well as macromolecule separation in the botanical compounds,     which formed an independent intellectual properties system and attained many national invention patents,such as manufacturing technique extracting 98% quercetin from overground part of Ilex pubescens (Patent No.: ZL201010550720.7), recombination countercurrent method extracting Ursolic Acid from persimmon leaves (Patent No.: ZL200910113982.4),     a membrane separation technique manufacturing high purity triptolide (Patent No.: 201710115897.6)

Production Capacity

SanLengBio has been at the forefront in terms of production capability.
With two GMP manufacturing bases, the one is Lingchuan manufacturing base with 13,000 ㎡covering area and over 5000 tons raw material processing capability.
Another is Suqiao manufacturing base with 17,000 ㎡building area and more than 30,000 tons raw material processing capability.
Equipped with state of the art efficient-raising and energy-saving facilities, for extraction facilities, there are dynamic counter-current extraction equipment and vertical extraction tanks, which enables SanLengBio to transfer flexibly in different processing patterns.
Aiming at individual active ingre dient purification and separation, there is a full set of high-efficiency refining system.

Main Facilities List



SanLengBio start with production of Andrographis Paniculata Extract and St. John’ s Wort Extract in ZiYuan Pharmaceutical Company.


Lingchuan manufacturing base was built and passed China’s Food and Drug China’s Food and Drug Administration GMP audit.


Suqiao manufacturing base starts operation and focuses on producing Monk Fruit Extract and Citrus Fruit Extract etc.


Success in developing Ginkgo Biloba Extract and achieving innovation on manufacturing technique of Triptolide from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f. (Thunder God Vine).


Lingchuan manufacturing base was officially named after Guilin Sanleng Biotech Co, Ltd.


NATCO joint venture was set up in the United States to further expand international business.

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