Antibiotic use tendency in animal feed is gradually reduced in the world. It can be realized by depending on extractive of pure natural persimmon leaves!

        In China, the Spring Festival is coming soon. Lots of consumers pay more attention to meat. Pork, beef, chicken and mutton become the common food materials in New Year’s Eve dinner. However, as consumers, have you ever thought whether meat is absolutely safe?

Nowadays, quantity demanded of meat is extremely considerable. Animals of artificial feeding occupy the high proportion. When it comes to feeding, we have to mention animal feed. Recently, KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks or other western catering magnates target at “reducing antibiotic meat”. In the latest statement of Costco official website, it is promised that in the end of 2020, the goal of “comprehensively reducing meat antibiotics” will be achieved. One of the reasons that meat contains antibiotics is that animal feed adds antibiotics. According to statistics, in antibiotics with important medical significance sold in the USA, about 70% of them are not used for human medicine, but the animal husbandry. Even if researchers appeal to “reduce antibiotic use and stop abuse of antibiotics” early, animal husbandry still uses antibiotics to feed animals, because some antibiotics still can reduce fatality rate of animals and increase weight of animals to promote their growth. Unfortunately, antibiotics still belong to antibacterial agents. Abuse of antibiotics will make bacteria generate tolerance. The proportion of generating superbacteria is dramatically increasing. Finally, drugs that fail to kill superbacteria with strong tolerance will cause death.



So, how can antibiotics flow into the human body from nature? When people eat meat with abuse of antibiotics, drug residues enter into human body and bacteria that make people infectious have resistance to drugs. Under the circumstance, antibiotics will be accumulated in the human body or animals with abuse of antibiotics will spread through the circulation of biologic chain and environment. Through a series of circulation, they are finally accumulated in the human body which is the topmost food chain and it is also the condition that antibiotics enter into the human body.



Even so, under the condition of not using antibiotics, how can we enhance animal immunity and increase weight of animals?



Extractive of persimmon leaves , which produced by Sanleng Biotech Co., Ltd. is a good choice.


(1)    What is persimmon leaves ?

Extractive of persimmon leaves is the pure natural plant component extracted from persimmon leaves and has multiple biological activity functions. After consumers pay more attention to healthy philosophy, extractive of persimmon leaves becomes the best-selling product in recent years.


(2)   Why to use persimmon leaves ?

Persimmon leaves contain the abundant nutrient substances and functional components and have the effects of clearing heat and removing toxicity, antisepsis and anti-inflammation, encouraging production of body fluids to extinguish thirst, moistening lungs and intensifying heart functions, relieving cough and stopping bleeding. The literature research findings show that extractive of persimmon leaves can enhance immunity, thus adding extractive of persimmon leaves in animal feed can enhance animal immunity, so as to reduce usage amount of antibiotics, improve growth quality of animals and enhance meat quality. In this way, accumulated antibiotics in human body through the circulation of biological chain will be significantly reduced. This not only can provide the healthier meat for consumers, but also can improve our life environment and significantly reduce the propability of reducing superbacteria.



(3)   How to use persimmon leaves extract ?

Adding extractive of persimmon leaves in animal feed can enhance animal immunity and reduce antibiotic use. Whats more, the research literatures in this year indicate that correctly using extractive of persimmon leaves can whiten skin, reduce blood pressure, and increase human or animal muscle quality.



(4)   Summary

Therefore, adding the mixture of andrographis paniculata extract and persimmon leaves extract into animal feed , can significantly improve immunity and health of animals, so as to reduce antibiotic use. Moreover, it also develops a great role on improving peoples life quality and reducing antibiotic contents in the food chain.



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