Guilin SanLengBio Innovate Bitter Orange Neohesperidin Production Process

Guilin SanLengBio has been innovating the traditional extraction of neohesperidin from the bitter orange with its tireless, persevering spirit of exploration and rigorous, pragmatic, strict requirements, bold innovation, and repeated proofs. Guilin SanLengBio has completed the verification of the production process from the raw material bitter orange to the finished product neohesperidin. Three bateches of neohesperidin has been prodcuced through the production lines that have passed facilities, equipment, and public system verification. By monitoring, measurement, and analysis triptolideof key process parameters and conditions for each batches in the production process, samples were taken to be tested according to the established quality standards and analytical methods. Finally, the stability and feasibility of the new process for the production of neohesperidin in the dynamic countercurrent extraction equipment was confirmed. The quality of the products met the standard requirements and the innovative process are effective and feasible.

   This innovative production process has greatly improved the working efficiency of the extraction and crushing process in the production process, reduced multiple links in the traditional production process, and greatly improved the production efficiency. The yield of the new hesperidin is much higher than the industry average. At the same time, the quality of the products has been further improved, which has effectively helped customers to increase the efficiency and yield of actual production and application, and they have truly achieved energy conservation and emission reduction, which is more than 30% lower than the traditional production process.

   Guilin SanLengBio has been dedicated to the deepening of natural product technology innovation, we have been pragmatic and hard work, serious and sincere, welcome customers to visit and discuss cooperation and common development.

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