Nonnegligible Pestis

The history of human disease is closely related to the times. During the period of “hunger”, “starvation” was everywhere; in the dark ages, cholera, dysentery, and pestis had tortured and devoured many people. Nowadays, humans have entered the modern civilization era for a long time, and the living environment has been significantly improved. Due to the existence of rodents, the pestis has still not been eradicated, and the pestis occurred when there has any carelessly prevention and control.


Recently, there was a pestis incident in Inner Mongolia, China. At present, three pestis spots have been found in Inner Mongolia, and 15 close contacts had been medical isolated and observed at home. After the outbreak, Bayannur City (where the diagnosed patient is located) launched Level IV emergency response and Level III prevention and control from July 5th until the end of 2020. The CDC of Inner Mongolia had begun to eliminate epidemic sites. Up to now, the treatment area of ​​the epidemic area has reached 3.6 square kilometers, with a cumulative inspection of 671.8 square kilometers, and a control area of ​​about 37,000 mu. The epidemic prevention work is difficult and burdensome.


Data showed that pestis is a natural epidemic disease caused by yersinia pestis. It is highly contagious and the population is generally susceptible. It is one of the most serious infectious diseases that harm humanity. It is an international quarantine infectious disease and is listed as China’s legal class A infectious disease. Therefore, the prevention of pestis should not be taken lightly, and the most direct and effective way to prevent pestis is to eliminate various rodent pests. The new plant-derived biological rodenticide is prepared by using natural plants Tripterygium wilfordii (Thunder God Vine) through high-tech processes to produce effective ingredients as the main raw materials, the active ingredient is mainly triptolide, supplemented with other compounds in tripterygium wilfordii, such as Tripchlorolides, 16-Hydroxytriptolide, Triptonide, Celastrol, flavonoids, coumarin and other active ingredients, it can produce an anti-fertility effect on various male/female rats at a very small dose and cause harm to rats till death after eating (generally within 4-10 days).


Guilin Sanleng Biotech Co., Ltd. strictly screens the raw materials of Tripterygium wilfordii, uses remote mountain root medicinal materials to ensure sufficient of variety of medicinal active ingredients, utilizes over 20 years of skilled production technology experience to ensure high quality and efficacy, has large-scale industrial production to ensure long-term stable supply. Guilin Sanleng will continuously and stably supply large amount of high-quality Tripterygium wilfordii extract to help the prevention of pestis, and restore a safe and healthy natural environment for the general public.

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