Results of research on ursolic acid bioavailability

On March 15th, SanlengBio released that the company together with domestic well-known institutions had achieved significant research results on bioavailability of the Ursolic Acid study recently, thus expanding the transformation of scientific research achievements of Ursolic Acid, as well as the application value of product commercial field.


According to clinical medicine, Ursolic Acid has remarkable antioxidant effect, which makes it become a new favorite material for medicine and cosmetics in recent years. Such as on medicine, it showed positive effect on the treatment of liver, it can protect and stabilize the hepatocyte membrane, organelles, so that the functions of output, transport will be recovered slowly; On cosmetics, because Ursolic Acid has remarkable antioxidant effect, it can make the skin become more resistant, and it can also dilute wrinkles, repair skin and solve other skin problems effectively.


The research is intended to improve the bioavailability of Ursolic Acid, mainly to improve its lipophilic. By modifying the molecular structure of Ursolic Acid to achieve Ursolic Acid ester. Study showed that it improves the receptor’s absorption greatly, and has a prominent effect in medical research, especially on anti-tumor.


This research results not only settle the technical advantage of SanlengBio on Ursolic Acid, but also expands our in-depth application and development advantages on multidiscipline.


On Ursolic Acid purity, compared to the controversial area normalization method, SanlengBio carry HPLC external standard method to ensure high purity and high quality 98% Ursolic Acid, which showed no miscellaneous peaks, and can be separated from Isomeric oleanolic acid.


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