SanlengBio Start Producing Monk Fruit Extract @ 2020 New Harvest Season

SanlengBio Monk Fruit

It is the golden autumn season of October, when we harvest gold, harvest green, harvest Monk Fruit and harvest hope.

Thanks to the good weather and the increase in cultivation area of this year at Guilin, we say it is definitely a bumper harvest for Monk Fruit, which yield can reach more than 100,000 MT, while the number was approximately 60,000 MT in 2019.

In house, Guilin SanlengBio keep carrying out several cooperate resolutions during the past months, which are;

Increase the tissue and seeding cultivation; Strengthen the cooperation with growers; Keep improving our production process.

All these efforts are for lowering the cost of Monk Fruit Extract, to support our customers to achieve successful business, and bring potential development for market demand.

With full truck load Monk Fruit driving into SanlengBio facility, the whole production line and quality control are 7*24 fully operation now. With our up-to-date dynamic counter-current extraction line, the processing capacity of Monk Fruit can reach 60MT per day.

The new batch Monk Fruit Extract from fresh Monk Fruit will available in the coming days.

We will provide you the high quality product with competitive price.

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