Taking a More Serious Look on Bitter Orange Extract

Perhaps one of the least-explored herbal remedies and treatments today is the bitter orange extract. However, this fluid that comes from a fruit of the Rutaceae family may just be the secret to maintaining good health and proper weight.

Where You Can Get It

Sometimes called Seville orange or marmalade orange, the bitter orange herb is a type of citrus plant and grows in different parts of the world, including Asia. It is called as such because of its very strong odor and quite bitter flavor. The secret actually lies on its peel or skin, which contains oil.

It is this oil that is called bitter orange peel extract or simply bitter orange extract. It contains several compounds include N-methyltyramine, synephrine, and octopamine.


There are several benefits that are attributed to orange bitter. For one, it takes care of the uterus, stomach, and the anus. Like most of its citrus counterparts such as lemon, it contains a high level of antioxidant, in its case, called nobelitin.

When the bitter orange extract is combined with another extract from poison devil’s-pepper, both become a promising cure against type-2 diabetes. In a study conducted by the Department of Medicinal Chemistry of University of Copenhagen, the diabetic mice showed a much stronger and well-protected pancreas after everyday intake of the tea as well as low-fat diet for around 6 weeks.

It can also be used for the treatment of nausea, as well as of indigestion. If you experience clogging of the nasal pathways, you simply need to breathe in the strong vapor of the extract, so you can start clearing the mucus.

The flower of the bitter orange, on the other hand, can also be utilized to treat those who are suffering from insomnia. This is also one of the reasons why the oil is sometimes sold as aromatherapy oil and is currently marketed as a complementary solution to treatments of anxiety and other mood disorders.

But the biggest benefit of using the extract is in the aspect of weight loss. As mentioned, it contains synephrine, which actually functions like ephedra. Ephedra is a very potent ingredient of weight loss supplements because it can boost metabolic rate and encourage thermogenesis where your own body heat will be the one to break down the fat molecules. It is commonly used by weight loss manufacturers today because ephedra has safety issues.

Side Effects

There are some who have taken the extracts in their pure forms or as part of bitter orange products have reported side effects, such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fever, allergic reaction, chest pain, and blurred vision.

If you want to make sure that you don’t suffer from any of these, consult your doctor before you take in any bitter orange supplements. Pregnant mothers may eat the fruit as is but never in its processed form.

If you want to lose weight through bitter orange extract, buy the supplement that doesn’t contain even a small ounce of ephedra, and if you show signs of allergic reactions such as rashes and difficulty in breathing, it’s advisable to stop the intake right away.

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