The Comprehensive Recycling Utilization of Waste Residue after Extraction of Monk Fruit, Bitter Orange, Rosemary and Other Natural Botanicals by Guilin SanLengBio

        In order to improve the efficient use and recycling of plant resources and truly achieve a good ecological closed loop circle, Guilin SanLengBio is committed to advocating the “Green Ecological Circular Economy Model”. “Guilin SanLengBio – Guilin University of Science and Technology Joint Research Center of Chemistry & Bioengineering (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Center) was established to initiate the research project of “Probiotics to reduce odor in pig farms and industrialization of decomposed pig manure applied to passion fruit cultivation”. Recently the project has made significant progress.

        This is another contribution made by Guilin SanLengBio after transforming the monk fruit extraction waste residue into a biomass fuel. The purposes are to further improve the deep processing of natural botanical industry chain, to realize the comprehensive utilization of waste materials and to protect the ecological environment. By adopting an innovative biofermentation method and using suitable strains, the joint center will ferment the waste residue extracted from natural plants such as monk fruit, bitter orange, rosemary and other natural plants to make it a novel microbial agent, and then apply this novel microbial agent to pig manure. The urine was decomposed and a new type of biological fertilizer was developed.
        Relevant experiments have proved that this new type of biological fertilizer not only does not have the phenomenon of burning of traditional fertilizers, but also can handle odorless treatment of traditional fertilizers. It is particularly important that this new biological fertilizer can act as a biological pesticide and can effectively control the number of nematodes in the soil. The growth of the root system and plant height of passion fruit cultivated with this fertilizer has been strongly promoted and is growing gratifyingly.

The fruitful results achieved by this project are closely related to the strong input made by Guilin SanLengBio in facilities, technical services, platform creation, and financial support. In October 2017, Guilin SanLengBio established 100 tons of liquid storage tanks in the form of full prepaid funds, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent industrial chain improvement and commercialization.

There is great significance in the results developed by the joint center. First of all, it has established a demonstration in the development of green ecological agriculture in Guilin. Traditional agricultural households use highly-toxic carbofuran to control the number of nematodes, and the new odorless fertilizer developed by the United Center belongs to the category of biological control, effectively avoiding the pollution of soil, water, and atmospheric environment by traditional pesticides and fertilizers; Through technological innovation, local farmers have opened up a new path by relying on ecological planting to increase production and income.

Guilin SanLengBio has created a brand new green ecological recycling economy model in Guilin. On the one hand, the new biological fertilizer is safe and harmless from extracting waste residue liquids such as monk fruit, bitter orange, rosemary and other natural plants. The results of the treatment have provided a brand-new idea and feasible solution for solving the problem of traditional industrial wastewater waste slag discharge treatment, which has enabled the development of enterprises and ecological environmental protection to go hand in hand. On the other hand, the new type of bio-fertilizer is the comprehensive utilization of waste residue liquid extracted from natural plants by Guilin SanLengBio. This shows that Guilin SanLengBio have reduced the enterprise cost by creating more ecologically friendly ecological benefits, and go ahead in the process of sustainable ecological development.


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